Best Bitcoin Faucets To Use In 2019

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Crypto-currency faucets are a great way to learn and begin with your crypto-currency adventure. There are many types of faucets that currency exist, ranging from auto faucets, hourly spins, claim per captcha and mining faucets. However with such a wide range of faucets popping up everyday there are many that stop paying and go out of business, which is why i have created this list. My list only includes the most popular, successful and highest paying faucets around today.

Cointiply is an hourly roll faucet which pays between 50-100,000 Coins. These coins convert to Bitcoin Satoshi. 10,000 Coins = 1,000 Satoshi. You will receive 100 coins bonus just for signing up and can claim from the main faucet every hour, you will also get an extra bonus percentage for everyday you claim up to 100% additional rewards.
While you wait you can also earn more coins from watching videos, doing surveys or playing their new multiplier game. The development team are very good at Cointiply and are always updating their site with new ways to earn, i recommend checking out their wiki page here for more information.
Cointiply now offers a daily interest service. For every 35,000 coins a user holds, they can opt in to receive a daily interest on the coins held. The interest rate is pegged at 5% annually.
Once you have reached 35,000 Coins you can submit a withdraw to Faucethub or continue earning and build up 100,000 coins to withdraw to any Bitcoin wallet. Cointiply also offers the ability to withdraw in Dogecoin. To withdraw in Doge you need to accumulate 50,000 coins. 

Freebitcoin is easily the most popular and oldest faucet around, and with good reason. The faucet has been around for 4 years now and is still up and running and paying out today. Users receive a free roll every hour, which has the potential to earn up to $200. However most people will be earning far less then that (Don’t get your hopes up!).

Freebitcoin faucet

                                                                                Freebitcoin offers users a free roll per hour which will reward you with some small amounts of Bitcoin. You will also receive reward points and lottery tickets with some luck could earn you some big rewards. The last lottery win at the time of writing was 1.2 BTC

For the safer investor you can earn daily interest for holding your Bitcoin on the site. For users who hold more then 0.003 Bitcoin (30,000 Satoshi) you will earn 4% interest per year, this is paid directly to your account every single day at a rate of 0.0109589%. This will compound daily and can be a nice side income.
To withdraw from Freebitcoin you need to accumulate 30,000 Satoshi (0.003 Bitcoin). Then you can request a withdraw to any Bitcoin wallet. You will have to pay a small fee and depending on the speed of withdraw you would like that can vary.

Freedogecoin is the sister site of Freebitcoin, and acts in almost the exact same way and is run by the same team of people but of course pays in Dogecoin. I really enjoy this site because of the low withdraw threshold and how fast your balance can build up over a short space of time.

Freedogecoin faucet

Users receive a free roll every single hour and can win up to 79,000 Dogecoin ($150). Smaller prizes are of course rewarded for users who don’t hit the jackpot and this changes depending on the price of Doge.

Users also have the option of gambling their earnings on the “Multiply Doge” page which allows you to play a high or low style of game to gamble your earnings for a bigger prize.

One of the reasons i really like this site is because of its low withdraw requirement. To withdraw users need to accumulate only 50 Dogecoin. Then you can submit a withdraw which is normally sent within an hour. To withdraw you need to have a Faucethub account or any Dogecoin wallet. The transaction fee is very low at only 0.25 Doge.

Coinpot is a collection of different faucets all hosted on a single website. Think of Coinpot as an online wallet where all your earnings can be stored. All your earnings from Coinpot faucets go straight to your Coinpot wallet. From here you can choose to exchange your crypto to another coin or simply withdraw it.

Coinpot faucets
The best feature of the Coinpot faucets are that you decide when to claim. The minimum claim timer is 5 minutes or 15 minutes on Bonus bitcoin. However if you decide to go to sleep or do something else the amount of coins will still build up even when your not active, giving you a nice reward when you next go to claim.
All of these faucets include signup bonuses and daily bonuses which are included on every claim. Every time you claim you will receive a daily bonus reward, mystery bonus and referral bonus which multiplies your claim amount. You will also receive a Coinpot token every time you claim. These tokens can be exchanged for another coin or used for the daily lottery and will be added to your balance.
If claiming from BonusBitcoin, remember to change the settings to “Average claim amount” to get a guaranteed high payout every-time, rather then shooting for the jackpot.
To withdraw your coins its very simple. Depending on your chosen coin, the withdraw rates will differ, For example if you want to withdraw Bitcoin you need to accumulate 10,000 Satoshi’s to withdraw. However to withdraw Doge the amount is only 50 Doge.