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We do extensive research on all the faucets we promote. We use them for a period of time, testing all the main features such as the withdraw function before we recommend to our users. 

We aim to keep our lists and blog posts up-to-date and as relevant as possible. However if you notice any broken links or changes please get in contact so we can amend asap.

Yes ofcouse, we are always looking to add more content. However we have a strict vetting process. We do offer a paid service, that is reasonably priced. If interested please contact us to discuss. 

We are always looking to add good and engaging content. If you would like to promote your product or website we offer a paid service that will reach a large audience. If you are a blog/website owner we also accept featured posts. Please contact us if interested. 

Yes absolutely, we offer fair and affordable rates. Please contact us directly or purchase from one of our partnered companies. 


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