Crypto Idle Miner 

Roll the hourly faucet, complete offers, gamble your earnings on the multiplier game or answer surveys to earn Bitcoin. Win up to 100$ per hour on the faucet.

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Crypto Mining Game

New mobile Bitcoin mining simulator. Upgrade your mining rig and advanced through the leagues. Earn weekly rewards depending on your league place.

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Play games and earn mining power for each successful game played. The more you play the more you earn! Low Bitcoin withdraw payments.

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Febbit Mining Game 

Virtual Bitcoin mining game, Your goal is to increase your mining power. Upgrade and purchase your chips to increase your production.

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Satoshi Labs

Collect flasks from the daily faucet and offerwall to purchase buildings. These buildings will then produce more flasks which can be traded for Bitcoin.

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BTC Mines



Collect apples from the faucet and feed your miner. Once your miner has food, he will begin to mine automatically and earn you Bitcoin.

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