How To Earn Bitcoin Playing Online Games

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Can i really earn Bitcoin playing games?

Yes..absolutely. Continue reading this article and let me explain.. Due to the explosion in Bitcoin price in 2017, many faucet websites decided to find new ways to keep users interested & attempt to reach wider audience..Introducing Bitcoin faucet games. These websites can be a great way to make some extra Bitcoin or just pass the time. For those who are more dedicated however, this can be a great side income. 

CryptoMiningGame is a fun addictive virtual mining game. Every hour users can claim from Bitcoin,Litecoin or Dogecoin faucets (Missions). Every time a mission is completed the user will receive a small amount of there chosen currency, some experience, increased mining power (Hpower) and some crystals.
Hpower & crystals allow users to virtually mine one of twelve crypto currencies offered on the site. Depending on your level, amount of crystals and Hpower will determine how much you can earn per hour. For example i have 800 Hpower and can earn 0.5 Dogecoin per hour.
Cryptomininggame faucet

                                                                                While waiting for missions to complete users can also play games built in on the site. These include Blockchain explorer and Miner run. Both of these games are great time fillers and reward users with Bitcoin, crystals, boots or mining power.

Don’t forget your daily bonus! everyday users can claim a daily bonus, this bonus has a multiplier streak attached to it. For example if you claim for 10 days in a row you will earn 10X your normal daily reward. Most rewards contain Bitcoin Satoshi or some free crystals.
Withdrawing is fairly simple due to the websites built in exchange. Withdraws can be requested from as little as 100 Dogecoin or if you would prefer 50,000 Bitcoin Satoshi. All withdraws are processed to Faucethub. I really enjoy Cryptomininggame and i think i can become a really good income stream if you put the time into it. Once you have built up a strong amount of mining power and crystals this could be also be a great passive income source.

Rollercoin is a fairly new website. The idea is very simple, you play the games listed on their site and earn mining power for your efforts. Overtime this mining power will increase and will remain active for 24 hours. Every 5 minutes a “Block” will be mined, this is site wide and every user will receive a share of the block reward. Your share will be determined on the sites network power and your own mining power. You can see your expected reward on the main dashboard.

Rollercoin Faucet
There are a number of different games on Rollercoin and they are constantly adding new ones. My personal favorites are “Coinmatch” and “Cryptonoid”. Every time you successfully complete a game the difficulty will increase and so will your reward. Once you get good enough a certain game this can become quite profitable as your mining power will increase much quicker. Even if you fail a game you will still receive a reward but not as much.
Once you have earned enough Bitcoin you can either choose to withdraw or buy a mining rig. Mining rigs will give users a guaranteed boost to their daily mining power. This mining rig will run passively while your not on the website and it can work in conjunction with your mining power earned from playing games. To withdraw users need to accumulate 10,000 Satoshi. This can be sent to any wallet of your choosing and will have no transaction fees.

Febbit is another Bitcoin virtual mining game with a twist. This game gives you a starting virtual hashing power, and  every hour you can mine “Blocks” which will reward you with a small amount of Bitcoin, credits and experience. The more you can grow your hashing power, the more you can earn. 

Febbit mining game

                                                                        Computer chips are whats used to determine your mining power. Some chips will directly increase mining power while others will give different boosts. Every chip will have a starting level which demonstrates its quality. Chips can be upgraded using credits or scrapped for credits if you no longer want it.

Credits can be earned from mining blocks or completing the daily tasks you are given. As mentioned above credits can be used to upgrade chips or purchase items from the store.

Withdrawing is super simple. You need to create a Faucethub account and link your Bitcoin address. Once setup you can request a withdraw from as little as 1,000 Bitcoin satsohi. The payouts are usually instant and will be credited to your Faucethub account.