How To Earn Bitcoins From Visiting Websites

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How to earn bitcoins from visiting websites

What Is a paid to click website?

A paid to click website is a service where users are asked to visit a specific website in return for a small reward, in this example the reward is small amounts of Bitcoin. These websites can range from Bitcoin related sites or any other money making websites. Once the page has loaded you will notice a countdown or moving bar, after a few seconds you may be asked to complete a captcha or simple maths question, then you will receive your reward. 
Below is my collection of the best paid to click websites i have used. All of these websites are up to date and offer multiple ways to earn. By adding these websites to your daily routine you can defaintly build a nice daily income. 
Clixcoin is an advertising platform where users can click on websites and get paid in Bitcoin. They offer multiple ways to earn, including auto-surfing, active window surf and surf ads. Each advert will pay a different price but you can expect to earn 20+ Satoshi per website. Clixcoin has hundreds of adverts available everyday making it a nice strategy for earning some Bitcoin. They always have over 100+ paid to click opportunities available every day.
A new feature added onto their site is the “miner” feature. i personally have not used this yet but they claim its profitable and paying out. It’s been around for a few months and people have a good response generally. You can purchase the cheapest miner for 0.0025 Bitcoin and expect to receive 0.003 Bitcoin after 30 days.
The minimum withdraw amount is currently 45,000 Satoshi. This can be paid directly to Faucethub or a Bitcoin wallet of your choice.
Adbtc is another high paying active PTC website. They offer multiple ways to earn including auto-surfing, active window surfing and normal ad surfing. The average payment is 30 Satoshi per advert clicked. Adbtc has a very active user base and is constantly refreshing their adverts so there is always multiple ads to click.
Faucet owners and Faucet list owners can convert their balance into an advertising balance that can be used to promote your own website and links. This could also be used to promote faucet referral links to try and get some referrals under your name. If you do get some referrals you have the option of selling them in the referral market for some extra Bitcoin.
Minimum withdraw is only 5,000 Satoshi if you are using Faucethub or 30,000 Satoshi from any Bitcoin wallet. Withdraws are normally sent instantly.
Bits-pays is a fairly new website that has only just launched. Despite just launching i have been really impressed with their website and growth it has had. They have multiple ways users can earn Bitcoin but their Paid to click service has been really profitable so far.
They have two types of Paid to click offers available. This includes in-frame ads and flash ads. Both types give an average claim of 30 Satoshi per click. At the time of writing there is more then 30 different ads on both types available every single day and as the site continues to grow so will the number of adverts available. Once users have completed 3 flash adverts they will receive a daily bonus, my average bonus from 10 days of claiming has been around 200 Satoshi a day just from the bonus.
To request a withdraw users need to accumulate 20,000 Satoshi. This can be sent to a Bitcoin wallet of your choice or you can transfer your balance to “Purchase Balance” and purchase company shares or paid adverts.
BTC clicks is another easy to use and active paid to click platform. Works the same as all the others, you are paid in Bitcoin to view certain websites.
Signup as a “Earner” when you first visit the website and your ready to go. Once logged in you will have about 20-25 ads available for you to view per day, most of the ads available will pay around 15-30 Satoshi per click.
Users have the option to purchase a premium package on the website. By purchasing this package your click will reward you with double earnings and double any referral earnings but they are quite expensive. I recommend researching if this would be profitable for you before purchasing.
No surprise Cointiply has ended up on this list. This is by far the best faucet and earning website available at the moment.
Cointiply has a dedicated page for Paid to click adverts on their website that auto-update. The problem is that their isn’t that many available. I have only ever seen around 20 at maximum. So hopefully this will improve in the future. 
Each advert normally pays around 20 coins, which is pretty good. Include that with the hourly roll faucet, multiplier game and offer-wall and this is a great way to earn some free bitcoin on the side.
To request a withdraw users need to accumulate 35,000 coins to withdraw to Faucethub or 100,000 to send to a Bitcoin wallet of your choice.