How To Get More Faucet Referrals

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How to get more Bitcoin faucet referrals

How to get more faucet referrals?

Everyone wants to earn more referrals. Whether its for a faucet website or a cloud mining program. The problem is most of us think it’s difficult to build a referral network and often give up. The truth is no matter who you are it is possible to build and takes a little imagination.
There are two main ways to build your referral network. Buying paid adverts on a website like Mellowads or using free creative ways to get attention. In this article i will be focusing on the free methods so everyone has the same opportunity and chance to start.
Mellowads is a very popular advertising platform. They produce banners and adverts for thousands of cryptocurrency websites and have large daily audience that’s all over the world. Normally to advertise on Mellowads you need to deposit bitcoin and create your ad.
However everyday users can claim from the free faucet, the reward will be chosen at random and could be between 500,1000 or 3,000 satoshi per claim. Once claimed this will be added to your Advertising balance, and can be used to create an advert whenever you feel the time is right. Remember to create something bold and interesting so it stands out and gives you a better chance of getting conversions.
PTC stands for Paid To Click. Basically you click on websites and get paid in Bitcoin for your visit. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then check out my written guide on all the best websites here.
Most PTC websites will allow you to convert your balance into an “Advertising Balance” which can then be used to create your own adverts to be displayed on their website. I really like this feature because its so convenient and you will see the results almost instantly. My favorite website to do this on is Adbtc, but there are hundreds of Paid to click websites available. You can check out my full written guide here for more suggestions. 

Now this one sounds obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people still claim from bad, in-efficient sites. Stop wasting your time claiming from auto-faucets and other useless sites. Use a recommended quality list of faucets and start claiming. It will build up quickly. Once you are happy with your amount, re-invest your profits into an advertising site such as Mellowads and setup your first advert. I reccomend building a banner or basic text ad and start my campain straight away. The rates are cheap and with a minimum deposit you can reach thousands of potential referrals.

Sounds simple but this one is highly effective. There are lots of popular Bitcoin forums available online right now. My favorite would have to be Faucethub due to the number of faucet users on that platform.
Others i would recommend could include the following :
If your good at writing you could write a simple blog post about a guide, topic or something relevant and have referral links within your post, or alternatively you could edit your profile to include referral links to a blog, faucet or website. Now when you comment anywhere on the forum people will see your links and hopefully register under your name.